Timmy the Hamster from Wild Robots Returns.

Timmy the Hamster was a robot built to look like a hamster. It had a pushing "tongue" and a roll bar that didn't work. It lost its only battle in Wild Robots Returns.

Wild Robots ReturnsEdit

Timmy first fought Kilotama 3 and Terrorhurtz. Timmy pushed Terrorhurtz into a wall, then took damage from Kilotama 3's deadly spinning discs. Timmy tried to push Terrorhurtz again but got hit by Terrorhurtz's axe. Timmy backed away andwas flipped by Kilotama 3 and self-righted by Terrorhurtz. Timmy was flipped again by Kilotama and the rollbars glitched and fell through the floor. Timmy was immobilized while upside-down.

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