ASBO as seen in Wild Robots Returns.

ASBO was a rectangular robot with sloped sides, and was built to resemble a car. It had a small flipper as a weapon. It lost its only match in Wild Robots Returns.

Wild Robots ReturnsEdit

ASBO fought Poker Face and Speed Ramp in its only fight. At the start of the match, ASBO flipped Poker Face, then got flipped by Speed Ramp, where it landed on its side in a corner. After trying to self-right to no avail, the arena wall popped up and righted ASBO. After a few seconds of driving, ASBO was pushed by Poker Face onto Speed Ramp. Then it got flipped twice and landed on its side in a corner again. After being flipped by Speed Ramp, it got popped by the arena wall again, but was still turtled. Poker Face shoved ASBO into a corner, where it righted, and engaged in a small pushing match with Poker Face, where it got its flipper jammed. Apparently ASBO was counted out during this time, as after Speed Ramp was immobilized WhamettNuht determined Poker Face the winner.

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